Eyeball Compaq Exemplier Laptop Review

 Eyeball Compaq Exemplier Laptop Review

Specific things

• The price of Eyeball Compaq Examemplier is Rs. 13,999

• Has weak component, slow connectivity and low storage

• The most important feature of this laptop is the luxurious battery life

Look and design of the Eyeball Compaq Examemplier

 Eyeball Compaq Exemplier Laptop Review
 Eyeball Compaq Exemplier Laptop Review

Keeping the price in mind, we have no complaints. The iibballcomputer exemplier is extremely thin. So go to the many Premium UltraBook Sharp of Slim. It does not look cheaper than anywhere else its edge is not rugged.

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Eyeball has used deep brown color in the laptop. The stylish K logo is present in the center of the lid. And the eyeball logo in one corner You will find a DC power inlet and LED, USB 2.0 port and mini-HDMI video output. The second USB port, 3.5mm audio socket and the MicroSD card slot are on the right. Speakers are on the bottom panel. Because of this, there is a suppressed voice. Due to being a Atom processor, no fan has been given in this laptop.

The delete button is placed in a slightly awkward place. You will not get the Windows menu button We also found that there is no shortcut button to control any screen brightness.

Looking at the screen and keyboard it seems that much plastic is used around them, but this is not a big problem. The screen has a little dull and greene. Saturated colors and black have problems. Viewing angles are not too good. But once again, we have to remember the price of CompuCe Eczemplier.

Total weight is 1.46 kilograms. It is comforting to keep this laptop together. However, this is not a very strong product. We found that its body can be easily folded. It is possible to rotate all the laptops.

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Eyeball Compbook Exemplary Specification and Software

The Intel Atom Z 3735 F processor has been used in Eyeball Compaq Examemplier. It is very old but is fully capable of general use. You will find this same CPU in more popular and cheap laptops. The Z-3735F quad-core CPU gives the clock speed of 1.33 to 1.83 GHz. Basic Intele HD graphics are integrated with it.

The compubboxExpliler has 2 GB RAM. But you only have 32 GB in storage There was only 21.5 GB storage available for use in our review unit. You can use the MicroSD card up to 64 GB. It is possible to use an external storage device, but both ports will run on USB 2.0 speed.

The resolution of the screen is 1366x768 pixels which is common in low cost laptops. You will get 32 ​​bit editions of Windows 10 Home. Apart from the official app of Windows 10, you will not have any other software installed.

Performance of the Eyeball Compaq Examineer

Considering the limited capacity of the hardware, we have pegged the performance of the Iibbal Compbus Excaimer. The good thing is that it started fast. The credit goes to flash storage. It is a bit slow in common use. It also takes time to open things like the Windows Settings app and context menu. It's okay to work in web surfing and generic documents. There was no problem even in HD video playback. The speaker disappointed us No sound is heard.

Keyboard is good for use. But the keyboard is a bit darker in the middle. The keyboard is excellent in typing. If you need a cheap laptop for typing, then the iibble compub exemplier is much better than its competitors. The trackpad is also good, the introduction of multitouch gestures is good. However, this was not entirely accurate.

Lacks connectivity and storage constraints. We had to install Benchmark one by one. Talking about benchmark tests, this laptop did not go on for more occasions. And the results we could do were average.

Battery life goes in favor of this laptop. It lasted 5 hours and 58 minutes in the battery Eater Pro Test. In the common use, the battery of the Examineer ran for one day. Let us know that during this very little web browsing and the video was streamed on YouTube. However, it took too long to charge the battery.

 My opinion 

There are two major drawbacks of a very cheap Windows device - a weak component and a suitable weak form factor.

Eyeball is one of the select companies that has tried to bring some cheap parts together and get them into a suitable body. Do not be confused. This laptop is a very cheap tablet in the body. But it works. In fact, this is the best laptop we have reviewed in this price range. It's not diverse or very fast. But this will be the work of students who want laptops for domestic use. For many of us it can be secondary personal computer too.

Plus points 

Low Price

Nice keyboards and trackpad

Thin and light

Windows 10 license


Old and weak CPU

Only 32 GB storage

No USB 3.0 port

Body turns smoothly

Ratings (max 5)

Design: 3

Display: 3

Performance: 2

Software: 4.5

Battery Life: 4

Money collected: 5

Total: 3.5

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