Toreto Thunder Pro Review

Toreto Thunder Pro Review

In February this year, Toreto had introduced two new wireless Bluetooth headphones in India, including Thunder Pro and Explosive Pro. Out of these, Thunder Pro had got us for the review which we used for 1 month. So let's know in the review how is this Toreto wireless headphone?
Toreto Thunder Pro Review
Toreto Thunder Pro Review

Prices and Specifications of Toreto Thunder Pro

First of all, price is worth Rs 2,999. It is present in the same color variant classic black. Now about the specification, it has a 300mAh battery and the company has claimed 10 hours of backup. Apart from this, Mike has also been supported in this headphone with the help of which you can easily call. Talking about connectivity, there is also the support of Oaks Cable, with the help of which you can connect your phone with the help of headphone jack. Apart from this, Bluetooth 4.2 has been there. You will also get 1 year warranty. Its Bluetooth range is 10 meters. In the box with headphones you will find an Oaks cable, a Micro USB charging cable, Warranty and User Guide.

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Design of Torto Thunder Pro

The design of this headphone is good. Its body is of rexin, plastic and iron. There are three buttons on the right side of the headphones, with volume up-down and play-pause buttons. Also, there is a Micro USB charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack on the same side. LookWhether with Thunder Pro, you will not have any problems. Apart from this, it is also confrontable and lightweight. Good quality material has been used to make headphones. This can be easily adjusted.

Performance of Torto Thunder Pro

Battery- This headphone takes 3.20 hours to complete full charge, however, when you play music continuously, you will be able to back up the battery for up to 6 hours, while if you use it with a little brake, then you will get battery backup 8- Can backup up to 10 hours.

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The audio of this headphone is fantastic and if you like more bass then this headphone is no less than a gift for you. This headphone has a lot of audio level. In this case, it is perfect for both people of both volume and low volumes.

We liked this headphone's bass specially. There is no problem like fluttering or audio bursting even on full volume. Also, it is not hot when used continuously for a long time.
Calling- Calling facility is provided in this headphone, but it is not as effective, because the given mic does not work well.

When talking on this headphone, the phone has to be taken in hand and kept close enough. It is a problem during calling that you get the sound of the person you are talking to, but your voice does not reach them. In such a situation,

 if you are thinking of buying this headphone for calling, then we will not recommend it to you. But if you are going to listen to music or use it to watch the movie, then this headphone is perfect for you. Except calling only, this headphone is great in every case.


 The good thing is that even if its battery is out, you can use it with the help of Ox cable for a long time. There is no problem connecting it to a phone or a laptop.
Decrease - There is a shortage in this headphone, which should be removed from the company.

For example, if you use this headphone and turn off music, then during this time you hear a tinge that is very upsetting. The other problem is that during the use, if you touch the outer  part of the f the speaker a bit then there is a sound which is very strange. The company should work on it. This can also be due to negligence in quality check.

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