How to make passport size photo in Mobile

How to make passport size photo in Mobile

We talk about How to make passport size photo in Mobile  let's start the topic

How to make passport size photo in Mobile
How to make passport size photo in Mobile

 As friends you know, in today's time, due to the very good technology, new smartphones are coming in the market and using the internet inside them, we can do many things easily and for this we need to go somewhere  We do not even need to do all the work that we can do sitting at home, earlier there was no smartphone, for that we had to get work done, we had to get some work done, then go to the market from the shop  Had to get it done but today smartphones have come up so well that we can like almost all the work, we can transfer money from mobile phones to bank, get any kind of information online, apply online form

 And we can also talk online, we can also make video audio calls, so we have benefited from the arrival of smart phones. Earlier, only mobiles were used to talk only in the beginning, after that like new mobiles and internet.  If the trend is, then after that all the work started happening very fast and easily, then today we will give you some information about making passport size photos from mobile phones in this post.

 Friends, earlier if we used to make passport size photos, then for that we had to go to the market and make it from a shop or we could make it from a computer laptop, but nowadays due to so many smart phones and new technology, because of the great application  With this we can make passport size photo, you might find it strange to know that we can make passport size photo from our Android mobile only but  It is absolutely true that you can make passport size photos from Android smartphones only and that too for free.

 How to make passport size photo in mobile

 How to make passport size photo in mobile

 Because the option you used to get photo editing inside the laptop computer, the same option nowadays you find in the application inside the new new smartphone. And inside those applications you can create a good passport size photo if you like photo editing well  If you come from, then you can make a good passport size photo.  And that too, you can absolutely make it sit at your house and do not need to go to any shop for this, then you get the biggest benefit that you can make passport size photo at your home.

 We are telling you about some great Android Mobile Photoshop applications below, using which you can make a good passport size photo, that too for free, so you can use the below given application in your Android mobile and  See if you can make a good photo

 Passport Size Photo Editor

 So we now talk about this photo editor application for making free passport size photo, it is a very good software and in today's time it is considered to be a very popular application.  By using this you can make a good passport size photo, below we are telling you how to use it.

 Like we told you this is a very good photo editor in which you get very good features. Inside it you can set color lighting and background color to make a passport size photo, this is a great feature for you  It is available in it, and inside it, you can also capture a new photo in it to make a passport size photo and also select and edit the photo from inside the gallery.  You can get both these options inside it, this is also a great feature. Inside it, you can prepare any kind of photos of different sizes, such as Visa Card, PAN Card, Id Card, water  Card can make any such size. And you can use this passport size photo editor in more than 2 countries of the world. The best picture I liked is that in it you can have more than 15  Language  There is an option to edit photos in places, within this you can also edit photos by changing the language, this is a great feature that you might not find in any other photo editor.

 You were informed about some features about the passport size photo editor above.  This and this is a great application and you get so many features for free.

 How to make Passport Size Photo from Android Mobile

 So now we have given you some information about the passport size photo editor above, but now we will tell you here how you can make a passport size photo in your Android mobile if you will not know about the passport size photo  So you will not be able to take advantage of the phone feature.

 First of all you have to download and install the Passport Size Photo Editor from Google Play Store, then open this app on your mobile. Then you will get 2 options in the app. You can also select the photo from the gallery inside that option and if you  If you want to edit your new photo with the camera, then you can also edit by taking a new photo, it will give you both options.  Select your photo from the gallery by clicking on the gallery. After selecting the photo, you have to adjust it later.  For this, you have been given the option of Auto Adjust below, click on it, your photo will be adjusted automatically.  After adjusting, click on the Done option above.

 After clicking on Done, you have to select the size of the passport photo.  If you do not know which size will be right for the passport photo, then you can select your country name here, then for this you will be given a list below and you have to click on the Indian passport. After selecting the Indian passport  In this, you have to crop the photo, for this you have to set the photo and after setting it, click on the option of Crop above. Now you have a passport size photo  E if you get it and want to make more option that you print multiple copies down to make you click on it.  And now you have to select the number of photos there, how many photos you want to make, then select it there and you will become the same photo. Click on Save option above and save it and you can save it in PNG file.  Save the same as.

 So in this way you can edit the passport size photo and make a good passport size photo and prepare it. And then you can go to a photo studio near you and see the photo prepared with your above photo editor and  With this, you will get a passport size photo for very little money, because what is the biggest benefit in it that you can prepare your favorite photo and if you are looking for a photo  When you prepare a photo with Tow Studio, the photo studio gives you a free will and takes a lot of money and you have both benefits in it, one is less money and the other is you can make a photo of your favorite  Are.

 So by reading this information given by us above, you might have come to know what is the passport size photo editor and how can we use it and how can we make passport size photo from our phone, so if you  If you like this information, do not forget to share it and if you have any question or suggestion about it, then you can ask us by commenting below.
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