Latest news from Facebook 2019 | one big update

Latest news from Facebook  2019 | one big update

Social networking site Facebook is down again.  Users are not able to post any kind on Facebook.  As soon as Facebook is down, users have begun to respond to Twitter.  Users are posting a variety of Mems with #FacebookDown hashtags.  However, there has been no response to this from Facebook yet.  These troubles in Facebook have arrived around 7:15 in the evening according to Indian time.  However, users are not having trouble using Facebook Messenger.

Latest news from Facebook  2019 | one big update
Latest news from Facebook  2019 | one big update

 In the past too, due to the downsizing of Facebook owned social media platform Instagram, Whatsapp as well as Facebook server, users had to face trouble in posting and sharing photos on these apps.  This outage in Facebook server was seen in South America and East Asian countries.  Like Facebook, users were having trouble loading and posting photos on Instagram and Whatsapp.  As soon as users were trying to load the photos, an error of 'Photo Can't Be Posted' was coming to them.

 After being Facebook in India, many users have shared their problems.  A user named Sanjeev Kapoor has shared the problem of logging in to his tweet.

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Latest news from Facebook  2019 | one big update

 In the past few days, the server had said that many users had to face this kind of problem because of the problems encountered in server configurations.  In March this year, the longest outage was found in Facebook's server.  Even this time, the problem of Facebook can be detected in the server.  It could also be that Facebook is testing some of its new services, due to which the server has encountered such a problem.  However, no official statement has been issued from the side of Facebook so far.

 Good news from Facebook for india

 Like Whatsapp, work is also being done on monetizing Facebook.  According to media reports, the digital payment service of Facebook in India can be tested.  After this, Facebook messages can also be monitized.  According to the figures released by Facebook, India has 2.1 billion people, that is, 210 million users worldwide, who use these three platforms.  At the same time, about 2.7 billion users use at least one platform from Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Messenger.

 In India only 300 million of Facebook's 300 million users are.  Whereas 400 million of Whatsapp means 40 million users.  At the same time, the number of users using Instagram is 70 million i.e. 70 million.  Facebook is also preparing to merge its three platforms so that users can easily exchange messages on all three platforms.  One-fourth of the total number of users around the world are in Whatsapp users.  In such a situation, Facebook can choose India for testing digital payment service.

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