What Is Computer | Computer Information In details

What Is Computer |  Computer Information In details

 Today we are telling you about the What Is Computer |  Computer Information In details.  Nowadays everyone knows about computer what does computer work.  Nowadays it is very difficult to do many such tasks without a computer because you cannot even imagine how soon a computer can do it.  Today, in this article we will tell you what the computer does and how many types of it are and what its features are telling about.

What Is Computer |  Computer Information In details

What Is Computer |  Computer Information In details

 What is computer

 Computer is an extremely useful electronic machine made by humans.  Computer has affected our daily lives very much, whether in home or at school, college, office, hospital, bank and design institute, etc., we can experience its presence.

 A computer is basically a programmable computing machine.  Earlier Computer was used for complex events and only scientists and engineers could use it.  These were very expensive, so only some big institutions could buy them.

 The term computer is derived from the word compute which means calculation.  Computer is generally considered to be a computing device that can complete arithmetic operations very quickly.

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 Computer Type

 There are two types of computers

 Analog computer
 Digital Computer

 Analog Computer

 It handles such information which is natural such as temperature, pressure etc.  It is based on measuring analog or equivalent physical values.

 Digital Computer

 It processes AC information which is essentially in binary or two state form.  Like '0' and '1'.  When we talk of computers, we usually refer to digital types of electronic machines.  Digital Computer Micro Computer Mini, Computer Mainframe and Super Computer fall under this.

 Computer Features

 Fast speed to store and calculate information

 Ability to capture and store information for their future use

 Ability to accept different instructions for education.

 Ability to use simple logical rules for decisions to be taken for the control of your internal control or certain external 

 Ability to communicate with other computer systems

 After doing the calculations, analyze them intensely and accurately.

Structure of a computer

  •  CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  •  Input unit
  •  Output unit
  •  Storage device
  •  Communication interface
  •  CPU

 Computer has a brain.  The other part is used for transferring data and connecting with the CPU.  There are main memory control units and arithmetic logic units.


 This means that the process of entering data into a computer using a single input device such as a keyboard is input by the user.

 To store

 This means keeping data and instructions in the main memory of the computer so that they can be operational.

 To process

 This means operating the data entered into the computer or performing both arithmetic and logical operations on them so that we can extract useful information from the entered data.

 Sending output

 This means the process of informing the user on a screen monitor or paper and showing the results.

 To control

 This means that all the above processes are directed in a coordinated manner. This controlling process is done by the control unit located inside the CPU.


 The physical parts of a computer are called hardware.  This physical part can be electronic, electrical, magnetic, mechanical or optical. Some parts are microprocessor, integrated circuit, hard disk, optical disk, color monitor, keyboard, printer and plaster etc.

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 Computer Input Device

 Data and instructions are entered by the input device in the computer.  A commonly used input device is keyboard.  Some other input devices have also been developed.  In which typing is not required.  These are: mouse, joystick, trackball, light pen, graphic tablet, touch screen etc.

 Computer output device

 Output device It is used to pass information stored in the computer or the result of any processing to an external subject.  The most commonly used output devices are video monitors and printers.  Printers provide printed records on paper.  Which can be used permanently.

 Central processing unit

 The main function of Central Processing Unit (CPU) is to excute the instructions or programs.  Apart from this, the processing unit controls the functions of memory input and output devices from all other parts.  Each processor of a large processing unit performs a certain function assigned to it.

 The central processing unit is the main part

  •  Primary or main memory
  •  Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)
  •  Control unit (CU)
  •  The memory

 Memory is an essential part of a computer system. Computer systems need it to store data and instructions.  There are two types of memory

 Secondary memory is memory that is outside the CPU.

 Primary memory or main memory is the memory that is directly connected to the CPU or in some PCs is a part of the CPU.

 Computer System of Computer

 Computer is a separate part of PC system

  •  Front panel
  •  Real panel
  •  Inside the system unit
  •  Front panel

 Power Switch: - According to each model, this switch is located either on the front or side of the system unit and is used to turn the system on or off.

 Reset Button: - This is a press switch that is used to restart the pc, without turning off the mains power supply.  If you restart the pc it will lose all the information in memory.

 Turbo Switch: - If you are using a PC that has two different operation speeds, then you will get a switch on the one side of the pc, this switch switches the speed from slow to fast or fast, hence its name  The turbo switch is placed.

 Indicator Light: - Computer unit can have colored light to indicate the working of PC.  This light is lit when data is copied or recorded on hard disk or read in it.

 Floppy Drive: - Your PC has a slot made with a floppy drive.  Floppy drive is used to read or store data from floppy disks.

 Part of Real Panel

 If you look at the rear meaning of the rear of the system unit of your PC, you will find that we have some holes and slots with different cables.

 Video Port for Monitor: - This is a socket used to connect the monitor to the system unit.

 Keyboard: - It is used to connect keyboard to system unit.

 Power socket: - The cable placed in this socket carries the electrical power supply from the electrical outlet to your system unit and from your system unit to the monitor.

 Parallel, serial port or socket and USB port: - This is used to increase the capacity of your PC, for example, you can connect a printer, mouse, modem to it.

Inside the system unit

 Fan Housing: - A small fan is installed in the power supply inside the system unit.  Which removes heat from the machine.

 System unit: - There are electrical components in the system unit which operate the program.  Handles the typed instructions.  Determine AV results.

 Mother board: In one system all electronic components are fitted on a piece of fiber class.  Fiber glass, which is called motherboard, is used because it is the conductor of electricity.

 Remchip: - The REM chip is fitted with black plastic circuit ICs with both pins and rows.  They are either inserted or soldered directly on the printed circuit board.

 ROM: - BIOS such as ROM chip contains that data.  So it is written at the time of making it.  There are several important instructions in this store.

 Microprocessor: - A microprocessor follows all program instructions. It is in fact the heart of a personal computer. It consists of a silicon chip on which small circuits are made by a photochemical process.

 Input / Output interface card: - Input output interface card, for input output device such as printer or modem, usually consists of one or two parallel ports and has one or two serial ports and a joy stick port.

 My opinion

 Today, we told you about computers about computers and what is the computer and the type of computer and the characteristics of the computer and the structure of computer computer hardware.  If you like this information, then you can share as much as possible and you can tell us by commenting.

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