How to create an email id? Learn step by step

How to create an email id? Learn step by step

 Do you want to create an email ID on Gmail?  So this article will prove to be very useful for you.  In this post, How to create an email id? Learn step by step to explain

How to create an email id? Learn step by step

How to create an email id? Learn step by step

 In today's world, it's important for you all to have an email id, and in this case, it's important to learn how to create an email id for free.

 It is often shared information that is of interest to you and can solve your problems.

 If you are also ready to create a good email id for you, this post will prove very useful to you.

 So first you need to know that email id .  What is an email id ?  And why is needed.

 Need to create an email id  on Gmail?  So this article will prove to be very useful for you.  In this post, you will be explained step by step to create an email id ...

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 What is an email id?

 Electronic mail (email id) is a method of exchanging messages ("mail") between people using electronic devices.  Discovered by Ray Tomlinson, the email first became known in the 1960s.  Email works on a computer network, which today is primarily the Internet.

 An email id  is an Internet ID whereby you can send your message to any other email id  using the Internet.  This is the same as identifying your phone number… just like you have someone's phone number, you can call or message them, likewise if you have someone's email id ,you can send them a message and other than that.  Much more

 You can create your email id  by visiting any email provider website and then you can also access your email id from there….  The following is a list of some of the most popular email id providers ...

  •  Google Mail  Gmail 
  • Yahoo 
  • Hotmail 
  • Rediffmail etc…

 But one of the most popular and trusted Google mail is Gmail.

 How to create a Google Account or Gmail ID

 So you'll have to create a Gmail ID, but here we tell you how to create a Google Account or Gmail.  So let you know that when you create a Google Account, your Gmail is created as all Google services can be accessed.

 So follow the steps below and learn how to create your Email id

 step 1.  First, go to by clicking the button below.

 step 2.  After that, here you open a page similar to the image below, in which you will be asked to email a Google Account.

 step 3.  Since your email is not already created, you will click on the Create Account option in the bottom right corner.

 step 4.  Here you will be asked if you are creating an email id for you or for my business, then you will click here for you.

 step 5.  Then it will open like the following, in which you will be asked for some information such as name, last name, username and then password ... Here, keep in mind that the username you are typing in the option is not available.  , You can write by adding some numbers to it.  For example, if HindiTricks was not available, then we would check any number by placing 1, 2 3 ... etc behind it and letting it be available and that would be our username.

 step 6.  After completing everything, click Next and in the next box you will be asked for your mobile number, type there and then there will be the option of email id, so if you already have an email there but you cannot write it you can leave it blank.  Can.

 step 7.  Then click Next again and in the next option you may be asked to verify your mobile number, then click on send OTP and thus OTP.  Your number will be entered in the next box which will have to be submitted. The privacy police will open in the next page, for which you have to click. I agree.

 And so you're ready to create an email id that you can use anytime, anywhere ...

 Note: You should always remember your email id  and password, and if you do remember both, then you can open your email id on any phone or computer using both of these.  For this you have to reopen and then you can login by entering your email id and password and then check all its emails.

 One thing to keep in mind here is that if you open your email id  on someone else's computer or mobile, after checking.  Be sure to log out or sign out.

 You can also use its application Gmail in its mobile app which is great for opening email.

 Now that your Google Account or email id  has been created, where can you use it?

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 Where is the email id used?

 You can use your email id to create an account on another site, such as if you want to create a Facebook account, you can create it there with your email id.  Similarly, you can create Twitter, Instagram etc. using your email id.

 Keep in mind that if you create your Google Account, you do not need to create an account on other Google services like …….

  • Gmail
  • YouTube 
  • Blogger
  • Google Map 
  • Play Store
  • Google Drive

 On the other hand, your account has also been created and here you can also login using your Gmail ID….

 Open a Gmail account and your other existing email

 You can use Gmail on a web browser, and you can also set it up in the Desktop .p and mobile email applications.  There are Gmail apps for Windows 10, iOS and Android mobile devices that you can download and use.  Just download the app to your device and sign in, then it'll be available for use.

 How to create an email id? Learn step by step if you like and be sure to share and you can tell us your opinion in the comment box
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